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Family Based Immigration
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Dallas Family-Based Immigration Attorney

Meaders Law Helps Keep Families Together

Did you know that there are provisions in U.S. law that make it possible for U.S. citizens to apply for visas on behalf of their relatives?

There are many rules and restrictions to follow in pursuit of family-based immigration visas. If you live in Dallas, the attorney at Meaders Law can guide you through the process. Reach out to us today for compassionate service from folks who know what you are going through.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a Dallas family-based immigration attorney. We are always ready for your call at (888) 203-1706.

What Is Family-Based Immigration?

Family-based immigration refers to the process of becoming a resident of the United States through family relations. There are two parties in any given family-based immigration case: the Sponsor and the Beneficiary.

The Sponsor is either a U.S. citizen (USC) or permanent resident (LPR) who files an immigration petition on behalf of a relative—the Beneficiary—to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Who Can Be a Sponsor?

In order to be a Sponsor of a family-based immigration petition, an individual must meet some requirements.

All sponsors must be:

  • A U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • At least 18 years old to sign an Affidavit of Support
  • An occupier of a U.S. dwelling

If eligible, a sponsor may apply for a family visa. This process will involve a few steps with the USCIS.

The steps for applying for a family visa include:

  • Filing an I-130 Petition for an alien relative and receiving approval
  • Demonstrating an ability to financially support one’s relative at least 125% above the poverty line, until he or she becomes a U.S. citizen or has worked for 40 qualifying quarters
  • Executing an Affidavit of Support, claiming legal responsibility to financially support their sponsored relative

Who Can Be a Beneficiary?

Beneficiary status is determined by two different categories of family-based immigrant visas: Immediate Relative and Family Preference. Immediate Relative visas are for close family relationships between an immigrant and a U.S. citizen. There are no numerical limitations per fiscal year.

Immediate Relative visa types include:

  • IR-1: Spouses
  • IR-2: Unmarried children under 21 years of age
  • IR-3: Orphans adopted abroad
  • IR-4: Orphans to be adopted in the U.S.
  • IR-5: Parents whose children are at least 21 years old

Family Preference visas are for specific, more distant family relationships. These visas have numerical limitations per fiscal year.

Family Preference visa types include:

  • F1 – Family First Preference: Unmarried sons and daughters and their minor children
  • F2: – Family Second Preference: Spouses, minor children, and sons and daughters (21 years and older)
  • F3: – Family Third Preference: Married sons and daughters, with their spouses and minor children
  • F4: – Family Fourth Preference: Brothers and sisters, with their spouses and minor children (only if U.S. citizen is 21 or older)

Unfortunately, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, and in-laws are not eligible to be either a sponsor or a beneficiary.

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